What Do Our Students Learn at Pre-K?

As registration for our fall Pre-K program begins, we are often asked: What do you do with the children all day? Ages 2-5 are a crucial time in your child’s growth, and attendance in a Pre-K program promotes healthy, positive development. At Wiggle Worms, we encourage academic, social, and emotional skills in a fun, supportive environment!

Listed below are our goals for the children in our Pre-K program. Every child develops at different speeds and trajectories, and we honor each individual for who they are. However, these are the overarching objectives for our students.


  • Learn their ABCs – the song and recognizing letters in isolation.
  • Reading – sitting down and listening to short stories, learning the cadence of simple poetry, orienting books in the proper alignment, phonics
  • Handwriting – complete connect-the-dots, trace letters, write name independently
  • Use verbal communication to express their wants and needs.


  • Identify, trace, and draw basic geometric shapes
  • Write numbers
  • Compute simple addition and subtraction problems while using hands-on, real world applications

Fine and Gross Motor Skills

  • Grip and use pencils, markers, crayons, glue, etc., appropriately
  • Encourage age-appropriate scissors snips and cuts
  • Climb, skip, and jump
  • Participate in group games such as Red Light, Green Light, and Follow the Leader

Social and Emotional Skills

  • Use verbal communication to express wants and needs
  • Encourage independent eating, toileting, and basic hygiene (such as washing hands)
  • Learn to sit quietly for story time and snack time
  • Follow directions from teachers and assistants
  • Share (both space and objects) and take turns with fellow students

What Parents Can Do to Help

To follow through with what students learn at Pre-K, parents should provide ample opportunities for their children to practice their new skills at home. Read to your child every day! Arrange times for your children to play with others their age. Develop a predictable routine or schedule at home. Give your children the opportunity to play make believe and take turns with you (or siblings!). Most of all, communicate with your child’s teachers to address any questions or concerns.

How to Register

Check out this site for our tuition, schedules, and how to register your child for Wiggle Worm’s Pre-K program!

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