Choosing Childcare for your Kids: What Should Parents Look For?

One of the most significant decisions parents have to make is regarding childcare for their kids. Should their kids go to a daycare center, use a home-in facility, or just hire a babysitter? Enrolling children in a licensed daycare facility has shown to have tremendous benefits: kids are more prepared for school (both academically and structurally), and it promotes social and communication skills.

Choosing quality childcare for your kids can seem like a daunting task! When researching daycare options, there are several factors that parents should consider.


Parents should research prospective daycare centers through the Virginia Department of Social Services. In order for a facility to be licensed, they must meet certain codes and regulations, and are thoroughly inspected before licensure is granted. Teachers and caretakers at state-licensed facilities must pass two background checks, be fingerprinted, and maintain active First Aid and CPR certifications. Additionally, licensed facilities are required to adhere to state-mandated ratios. Parents should ask daycare providers how they maintain those ratios throughout the day, and what procedures are in place if they happen to be over ratio on a certain day. Licensed facilities are also inspected by the state at least twice a year. Using the website listed above, parents can search to see if a facility has had any violations during inspections. Parents should especially take note if a facility has repeat violations.


Parents should be able to tour facilities at any time, and not be restricted to certain times of the day.

Communication between Staff and Parents

Teachers should communicate with parents daily, especially in regards to behavior (both positive and worrisome), developmental milestones, meals, and diaper changes/toileting. Parents should also been given a clear and direct line of communication to teachers, staff, and administrators at the daycare facility.

Diversity of Activities

Caregivers should lead children in varied age-appropriate activities. This encourages holistic development in all areas of intelligence.


Prices and tuition should be transparent and up-front. Parents should ask about part-time rates, discounts (sibling, military, etc.), and sick/vacation policies.

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  1. My husband and I are hoping to find an amazing childcare service that we can take our 3-year-old daughter to while we are both at work. I love how you stated that a child care service should offer a direct line of communication to the staff at the facility. We will be sure to choose a child care service that has a great reputation for successful and efficient communication.

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